Getting started with contributing

How to Contribute

We’d love to accept your patches and contributions to this project. There are just a few small guidelines you need to follow.

Contributor License Agreement

Contributions to this project must be accompanied by a Contributor License Agreement. You (or your employer) retain the copyright to your contribution; this simply gives us permission to use and redistribute your contributions as part of the project. Please fill out the Ortelius Individual CLA or the Ortelius Corporate CLA and email the signed document to

Code reviews

All submissions, including submissions by project members, require review. We use GitHub pull requests for this purpose. Consult GitHub Help for more information on using pull requests.

Submitting Pull Requests

Patches for fixes, features, and improvements are accepted through pull requests. Here are some tips for contributing:

  • Add Git Commit Signing to your local git install and to GitHub. Here are the config instructions.
  • Write good commit messages in the present tense (“Add X”, not “Added X”) with a short title, blank line, and bullet points if needed. Capitalize the first letter of the title and any bullet items. No punctuation in the title.
  • Include tests to improve coverage and prevent regressions.
  • Squash changes into a single commit per feature/fix. Typical steps to do that are:
    • git rebase -i HEAD~3 (the number depends on the number of commits you are squashing)
    • git push -u origin master –force (master might not be the branch you are pushing to so make sure to change to the branch)
  • Whenever possible, tag your pull request with appropriate Github labels and issue numbers.

Important: For any breaking changes that require a major version bump, add BREAKING CHANGE somewhere in the commit title or message.

Pull Request (PR) Cheat Sheet

Pull Request (PR) Cheat Sheet.