DropZone Physicl Path

Get the DropZone physical path.

Returns the physical path to the named DropZone on the deployment engine Endpoint. This is useful if an external script is going to be called which processes files in the DropZone.


DropZone (dzname)


dzname: The name of the DropZone.


String: The full path to the DropZone location.


checkout(DropZone: "meta14", repository: "rep1", pattern: '\*.java');

set dzloc = DropZone("metal4");

echo "DropZone location is $dzloc";

There is another way of getting a DropZone directory location. If you are in a using DropZone block then there is a _DropZone_ object on the stack. You can get the full path of this DropZone by using:


which will return the same information. This is useful when using implicit DropZones (such as in a pre-action to a _Component_ when there is an $DropZone on the stack containing the files from the corresponding Component items).
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