DropZone File Object

Get the DropZone File Object.

The DropZone File Object represents a file in the DropZone. It can be retrieved from the DropZone object via the files property or the find method. Both of these calls return an array of DropZone File Objects, keyed on the filename. You can also call dir() on a DropZone File Object that represents a zipfile to get an array of DropZone File Objects representing the zipfile content.

The following properties can be accessed for a DropZone File Object:

Property Type Description
dzpath String The relative path of the file in the DropZone.
repopath String The relative path of the file as located in the Repository (this path is relative to the base directory of the repository).
size Integer The size of the file in bytes.
ctime Date The creation time of the file.
mtime Date The modified time of the file.

The following methods can be called on the _DropZone_File object:

Method Return Type Description
delete() Integer Removes the file represented by the DropZone File Object from the DropZone. After this operation the file will no longer be transferred to the target server in any subsequent transfer operation. Returns 1 (true) if the file was successfully removed, 0 otherwise.
dir() Array If the DropZone File Object refers to a zipfile (including web archive files such as WAR, JAR, EAR) then dir() will return an array of DropZone File Objects which represent the content of the zipfile. The array is keyed by the filename and can be used as input to the zipget and zipdel statements.

NOTE: See also the description for zipadd, zipget and zipdel.

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