Change a file in the DropZone.

Modify changes a file in the DropZone. modify is used to make changes to either flat files or XML files before they’re deployed to the target Endpoints. Changes can be made that are specific to individual Endpoints within the Endpoint list. In this case, each Endpoint receives its own copy of the modified file.

modify opens a statement block containing the file modification statements. The statements that are permitted in the modify block are dependent on the type of modification being performed (either text file or XML file). It is these modification statements that specify what changes are made to the specified file – the parent modify statement specifies the file and its format.

modify takes a variable number of named parameters:

file The name of the file in the DropZone to modify. Mandatory.
modifier A mandatory text string indicating the type of modifier:
“text” simple text replacement. File is a standard text file.
“xml” XML modifications. File is XML based.
outfile The name of the file to which the modified file is written. The original input file is left unchanged. This parameter is optional – if not specified then the changes are written back to the original input file.
serverspecific A Boolean value (true/false). If set to true then a copy of the modified file is created for each Endpoint in the current Endpoint set. If set to false - or not specified – then the same changed file is sent to each Endpoint in the current Endpoint set.

NOTE: When running modify with server specific set to true, an implicit Endpoint loop is performed and the modify operation is performed for each Endpoint in the current Endpoint set. You can therefore substitute Endpoint-specific attributes or use Endpoint properties (such as ${server.hostname}).

A copy of the modified file is made for each Endpoint. It is only during a subsequent deployment operation (either implicitly or with a call to transfer) that these modified files are transferred to their appropriate Endpoint.

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