Evaluate a conditional expression and compare for a match.

The Switch/Case/Default condition expression is evaluated and compared to each case label in turn until a match is found. Subsequent labels will be executed until a break is executed. A default clause will always match. The case expressions do not need to be constants and can be of any type.


switch($response) {
case "hello":

echo "Hello to you too!";

case "goodbye":

echo "See you later!";

echo "I've no idea what you mean!";

Note, the break statement is required to prevent the execution continuing into the next block.

For example:

set v=2;

switch($v) {
case 1:

echo "v is 1";
case 2:

echo "v is 2";

echo "v is not 1 or 2";

Since there is no break at the end of the case 2 code segment, DMScript will continue to execute the code following the “default” clause:

v is 2

v is not 1 or 2

If this is not desired, make sure you include break.

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