Ortelius Keptn Events

Ortelius Keptn Event Diagram.
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Microservice Git Repo->>Keptn: Git Commit via GitHub Action
Keptn->>Docker Build/Tag: Start Docker Build
Docker Build/Tag->>Keptn: Running Docker Build
Docker Build/Tag->>Keptn: Finished Docker Build
Keptn->>Docker Push: Start Docker Push
Docker Push->>Keptn: Running Docker Push
Docker Push->>Keptn: Finished Docker Push
Keptn->>Ortelius: Start Component/App Version
Ortelius->>Keptn: Running Component/App Version
Ortelius->>Keptn: Finished Component/App Version
Keptn->>Ortelius: Start Deploy App Version
Ortelius->>Keptn: Running Deploy App Version
Ortelius->>Application Git Repo: Update Helm Charts
Ortelius->>Keptn: Finished Deploy App Version
Application Git Repo->>ArgoCD: Start Deployment
ArgoCD->>Keptn: Running Deployment
ArgoCD->>Keptn: Finished Deployment
Keptn->>Ortelius: ArgoCD Deployment Finished
Ortelius->>Keptn: Finished Deployment Logging
Keptn->>Quality Gates: Start Quality Gate Check
Quality Gates->>Keptn: Running Quality Gate Check
Quality Gates->>Keptn: Finished Quality Gate Check
  1. GitHub Keptn #1 - Utkarsh, Sacha
  2. Docker Keptn #2 thru #7 - Steve
  3. Ortelius Keptn #8 thru #14 - Steve, Joseph
  4. ArgoCD Ketpn #15 thru #19 - Brad, Meha
  5. Keptn Quality Gates #20 thru #22 - Brad, Arvind

Reviewer - Tony

Tuesday 8/23 - Discord Check In Status

  1. Overall process summary
  2. How does the event work?
  3. What does the event contain?
  4. Security concerns
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