DeployHub Pro Change Requests

The integration of Change Request systems are supported in Ortelius through the use of a Data Source. To integrate Change Request you must first define a Change Request Data Source from the Data Source Dashboard. Once created, you will be able to select the Data Source from the General Details “Change Request Data Source” field of your Application and/or Component. When you have a Change Request Data Source defined, you can add issue tickets using the Change Request section of the Application or Component Dashboards.

Creating Change Request Data Sources

Jira, Bugzilla and GitHub are represented in Ortelius as Data Source Types. Because a Data Source is associated to a specific Component or Application you will need to map a unique Data Source for each system’s repository (Organization, Repository, Product, Project Key) where you are tracking the Component or Application. In a traditional release process, a Component and Application’s repository may be the same. Because microservices are often managed in their own repositories, you may need to define a Data Source for each of your microservice Components. For more on creating a Change Request Data Source see Managing Data Sources.

Change Request that are tracked at the Component level are rolled up to the Application level. All change request associated to Components and Applications are rolled up to the Release.

Once connected, the Change Request Section for the Component and the Application shows all Change Request manually added. If a Data Source has not been assigned, you will see a message “No Change Request Data Source has been setup.” Once setup, you can use the ‘+Add’ option to associate specific change request to the Component or Application. Selecting +Add will create a new row in the table with a drop down list box. This drop down will contain all change request retrieved by the Data Source. Select the Change Request and use the Save option to commit the new row to the table. Use the Edit option to switch a Change Request, or Delete to remove a Change Request.

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