Community Membership

The Community Membership Ladder

There are many ways to contribute to the Ortelius project. Here are the various levels of involvement and how to get there!


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  • Open an issue for any gaps in the documentation that you encounter.
  • File a bug when unexpected things happen.
  • Take a look at some of our open proposals and provide feedback.
  • Answer questions of other users in the community.


Project members are people who use are interested in contributing further.

  • Assign issues to yourself.
  • Review a pull request and apply the /lgtm command that signals that it’s ready for final approval.

Once you feel ready, ask another member if they would be willing to be a sponsor for your membership request.

The best people to ask are those who have reviewed your pull requests in the past. When you request membership, make sure to ask for the ortelius organization.

If you aren’t sure if you are ready, or need help finding sponsors, reach out to the current chairs.


After you have contributed to an area of Ortelius for a while, you may ready help review pull requests either in just that area, or for the entire repository.

Reviewers have an entry in the OWNERS file in the different Ortelius repositories indicating that they are a good candidate to be automatically assigned or suggested as a reviewer for that area of code.

If you are willing to review PRs in a particular area, submit a PR adding your GitHub name to the OWNERS file in the sub-directory of that area in a reviewers section.


Approvers are experienced reviewers and contributors. They are represented by an approver entry in the OWNERS file in the repository for a particular area. They are responsible for the final review of a pull request and signing off that the pull request is ready to merge.

  • Review a pull request and apply the final /approve command that signals that the pull request is ready to merge.
  • An approver may decide to apply both the /lgtm and /approve commands. This sometimes is a good choice for small non-controversial pull requests where there aren’t other people who should be consulted first.
  • Our repository is configured to require both the lgtm and approved labels before merging.

If you feel that you are ready to become a maintainer, reach out to a chair and they will help sponsor you. Maintainers are added approval by the chairs.


Chairs are maintainers who also perform extra project management and administrative work for the project such as:

  • Facilitating the SIG meetings and recording them.
  • Grooming the backlog.
  • Finding issues that are good for beginners and ensuring that issues are appropriately explained and labeled.
  • Representing the SIG at Ortelius community standup meetings.

If you are interested in becoming a chair, reach out to a chair and they will help sponsor you. Chairs are added by approval from the other chairs.