Lead Time for Changes

Lead time for changes for Application Version per Environment

The Lead Time for Changes is the amount of time from the developer performing a build of a Git commit which creates a Component Version and when that Component Version is deployed to an _Environment. Component Versions as packaged into an Application Version. The Application Version is used in the report since it aggregates all Git commits and deployments up from the Component Versions. So the Lead Time will be from the most recent Git commit to the most recent deployment to an Environment.


In order for Ortelius to track the Lead Time you must record when a deployment happens for an Application Version and to which Environment it happened for. The Ortelius CLI can be used to record the deployment. Using the CLI enables the Workflow tool, Jenkins, GitHub, or GitLab, to tell Ortelius when it performs a deployment.

Recording a deployment with the Ortelius CLI

See Installing the CLI for CI/CD Setup instructions.

The CLI accepts a json file that defines the Application Version, Environment and deployment return code.
The Application Version is an existing application version that was created manually or earlier in your pipeline.
The Environment the environment, Dev, QA or Prod, that the Application Version was deployed to. The deployment return code is 0 for successful deployment or 1 for failed deployment.

deploy.json File

 "application": "GLOBAL.Online Store Company.Hipster Store.Test.Hipster Store;Labor Day Sale;1_2_10_2",
 "environment": "GLOBAL.Online Store Company.Hipster Store.qa3-windows",
 "rc": 0

Running the CLI

The following variables should be set at the beginning of your Pipeline.

Variable Value Description
DHURL URL to Ortelius Login The URL used to access Ortelius.
DHUSER UserID The ID used to log into Ortelius
DHPASS password The password used to log into Ortelius. This can encrypted based on the CI/CD solution.


export DHURL=https://Ortelius.example.com
export DHUSER=Stella99
export DHPASS=password
dh deploy --deploydata deploy.json --logdeployment


In the Ortelius web UI, navigate to the Application list view. You will see that the Application Version has been deployed to Environment with a Deployment number. The Deployment number is generated by the CLI.

The Lead Time For Changes report is accessible by selecting an Application Version in the list view, then menu item Reports -> Lead Time For Changes.

Lead Time For Changes

The data is broken out by the number of days it takes for a change to an Application Version to be deployed to an Environment. The graph is interactive, so float-overs and clicking on the labels will highlight and filter the data.