Adventure with Abraham Ortelius

The journey begins here.

— Adventure with Abraham Ortelius —


  • This is a navigational map in the spirit of Abraham Ortelius
  • Please read and explore the documentation for each subject
  • Google is your friend for when you get lost
  • To answer your question “Yes it is hard” but you can do it
  • If Abraham Ortelius could draw maps in the 1500s without our modern day technology you can do this
  • Abraham Ortelius was a DevOps Engineer and Microservices pioneer by containerising the world through cartography
  • Please help us improve the cartography


What are we learning?

What are we building?

Event driven architecture with Ortelius

XRPL SBOM Ledger with Ortelius

Demo apps to deploy and containerise

Springboot Java Spring Petclinic Application

React Shopping Cart

Angular RealWorld example app

  • Fork the repo & clone
  • Test using the NPM package manager
  • Test using the package manager

Python Web UI to manage PostgreSQL PgAdmin

PostgreSQL | Ortelius

  • Container can be pulled from here

ArangoDB | XRPL SBOM Ledger

  • Container can be pulled from here

Ortelius Jargon Glossary

Learning platforms

Linux & Open Source

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