Ortelius User Guide

Guide for using Ortelius


Introduction to Ortelius and the Hipster Store Example

Installation and Support

Installation, Support and other bits of Good Info

Key Concepts

Ortelius Objects, Architecture, Deployment Processing and Continuous Delivery Pipelines.

First Steps

Steps for setting Up Your Domain Catalog and Defining Environments, Endpoints, Credentials, and Repositories.

Publishing Components

How to Publish Components to Ortelius.

Packaging Applications

How to Package Your Base Line Application.


Pipeline and deployment integrations.


Adding Users, and Modifying Groups, Functions, Procedures, Notifiers and Notifier Templates.

Pro Features

Working with Smart Calendars, Adding Groups, Data Sources and Change Request Tracking.


Using Ortelius APIs to integrate with external DevOps Tools

DM Script

Writing custom plug-ins and actions using DMScript.

Dependency Licenses

Dependencies used and their corresponding licenses

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