Kind configuration and setup.

  • Kind allows you to use Docker to run K8s nodes as containers
  • Install here
  • Get familiar with the basic commands
  • Checkout the Kind documentation here

kind docker!

Why kind?

  • kind supports multi-node (including HA) clusters
  • kind supports building Kubernetes release builds from source
  • support for make / bash or docker, in addition to pre-published builds
  • kind supports Linux, macOS and Windows
  • kind is a CNCF certified conformant Kubernetes installer

  • K8s is a production grade container orchestrater
  • K8s is the conductor of the orchestra where the conductor is K8s and the orchestra is the containers within PODs
  • PODS are cuddly safe worlds to hold containers (so cute)
  • Get familiar with the basic commands


  • Docker installed & running
  • Kubectl command line tool

Up & Running


  • Create a cluster kind create cluster
  • Delete a cluster kind delete cluster


  • Install kubectl the command line tool here
  • Use the kubectl cheat sheet here
  • Use Devdocs and the official documentation here
  • Add the aliases & auto complete which are in the cheat sheet
  • Interacting with your cluster
  • Switch context and namespaces easily with these tools


kind: Cluster
- role: control-plane
  - containerPort: 32000
    hostPort: 8080

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