Developer Resources

Tools, Tips and Tricks for Developers.

Developer Tools

The following developer tools will be needed for you to contribute to Ortelius code or documentation:


Any of the following Markdown editors can be used:

  • Visual Studio Code with following extensions:
    • Markdown Preview Enhanced - Yiyi Wang
    • markdownlint - David Anderson
    • Docker - Microsoft
    • Docsy - Etienne Dldc
    • Go - Go Team at Google
    • Python - Microsoft
  • PostgreSQL - list of different distrubitions of PostgreSQL tool
    • This is complete package which include PostgreSQL Server, pgAdmin 4, Stack Builder and Command Line Tools
  • pgAdmin - here you can find list of different versions of pgAdmin tool

Testing Environment

To setup your environment to create a runtime test environment:

  • Docker

  • Helm

  • GCloud

  • Azure

  • Set local test database (Link to source)

    • Default userid and password are admin / admin

    • Run the image:

      1. Pull the image

        docker pull
      2. Find the image id

        docker image ls --format "{{.ID}}"
      3. Create the volume to persist the database

        docker volume create pdata
      4. Run the image a expose the Postgres port to the outside world

        docker run -it -p 9876:5432 -v pgdata:/var/lib/postgresql/data <id_from_step_2>`
    • The database in the above example will be accessible on port 9876.

      • Userid: postgres
      • Password: postgres
      • Database: postgres
      • Schema: dm
  • Container Structure Test

    • The image also has a minimal container-structure-test setup.

    • This is run as part of the cloud build, and can also be run locally on MacOS/Linux/WSL:

      container-structure-test test --config=cst/config.yaml


To submit issues and manage pull request:

Getting started with a Pull Request can be tricky. There are a lot of small steps that need to be done in the right order otherwise you may get hung up on a strange error. The nice thing with Git is that its really hard to permanently loose your work. Check out the PR Cheat Sheet for the steps on doing a Pull Request. Go through this before starting any changes since a proper setup will make the merge easier down the road.