Tasks define a life cycle process associated to Applications and Releases, deploy Versions, and make calendar request. Task are defined at the Domain level and cannot be overridden by any other object. All Tasks defined to the Domain are available for all Applications and Releases. The following Tasks are available:

Task Description
Approve Version for Move to Next Pipeline State Approves the Application or Release version to move it to a specified state in the pipeline (Life Cycle Subdomain). This works in conjunction with the Move Version Task (see below). When the Approve Task is defined, the Target Domain has to be specified. When the Approve Task is executed, the selected an Application or Release version can either be Approved or Rejected. Only when an Application or Release version is Approved can it be moved to the specified Life Cycle Subdomain.
Move Version to the Next or Previous Pipeline State Moves an Application or Release version from one Pipeline state (Life Cycle Subdomain) to another. This can be used as a promotion or a demotion of an Application or Release version between Life Cycle states. When the task is defined, the Life Cycle Subdomain has to be specified as part of the task definition. The Approval Task must be accepted for the Move Version to succeed.
Deploy Version to Environment Deploys an Application or Release version to an Environment. The target Environment is selectable via a drop-down list.
Request Calendar Entry for Deployment to an Environment DeployHub Pro feature. Sends a request from a User to add a time slot to the calendar for a deployment. The request is sent to Group who has the authority to manage a particular Enviornment’s Calendar. When the Request Task is defined, it is linked to the task to be requested. When the Request Task is executed, an entry is placed into the “To Do” list of all the Users within the Group with the calendar access. The Request Task can have a Request Notification Template defined which sends out a notification to the appropriate Groups.

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