Audit Trail

The Audit Trail displays audit entries for any changes or deployments that impact this object. It includes any changes in the object including User date and time, and deployments with unique numbers.

You can Subscribe to or Comment on an Audit Entry.

  • Subscribe: Allows you to receive information about the selected deployment.

  • Comment: Add information by clicking on the ‘Comment’ link within a text entry field. There is a field above the list labeled “Say something about this Application” that can have comments placed into it, and files can be attached to the comment as well. Enter text into this field to activate the Add Message button. Click to save the comment.

  • Add Files to Comments: Click on the paperclip icon to add a file to the message. Once added and you made a comment, click “Add Message”. Click on the paperclip icon to retrieve these attachments. The icon opens the line in the list to display the name of the file. Choose the file to download it into the your default Download directory on your local computer.

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