On-Prem Installation

Installing Ortelius On-premise

On Premise Installation Prerequisites

Ortelius runs in a Docker Container with all required dependencies, such as Postgresql. Docker is the only prerequisite for your on premise installation of Ortelius. If you do not have Docker, below are steps for building a Docker environment.

Docker Installation Guides

Test your Docker Install

See the Docker Install Test instructions

Installing Your Ortelius Docker Image

The Ortelius Docker Image is found on the Redhat Quay Docker Registry. Follow the steps below to install the Ortelius into your Docker installation.

Step 1 - Pull Ortelius from Redhat Quay Registry


docker pull quay.io/ortelius/ortelius:latest

Step 2 - Create a directory to persist the Postgres database


mkdir -p ~/ortelius/data

Step 3 - Find your image SHA


docker images | grep ortelius | grep latest

Find the image SHA from the third column in the output.

quay.io/ortelius/ortelius          latest          0114088b0b44        6 days ago          3.32GB

The SHA in the above example is 0114088b0b44.

Step 4 - Start the container for Linux and OS/X

Use the image SHA from Step 3 as the last parameter to the docker run.

docker run -v ~/.ssh:/keys:Z -v ~/ortelius/data:/var/lib/pgsql/data:Z -v ~/ortelius/logs:/opt/ortelius/logs:Z -p 7171:8080 -d --hostname docker_dhpro 0114088b0b44

Step 5 - Access Ortelius from your browser

Ortelius is accessible through the following url:

Your Ortelius DNS name is the server where you installed Ortelius.

http://<Ortelius DNS name>:7171/dmadminweb/Home

To log in please use userId: admin and password: admin.

The Hipster Store Tutorial

The Hipster Store Tutorial is not available in the on-premise installation. If you would like to go through the Hipster Store Tutorial, you should sign up for the SaaS environment. This example gives you a review of Domains, Components, and Applications and will help you understand Ortelius basic concepts.

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