Setting up Ortelius

What you need to get started.

Start by defining the following:

Step Description
Create a Domain Define your catalog by creating a Domain hierarchy for sharing. For SaaS user, your Company Domain and your Project Domain are automatically created. With an on-premise version, you will see only a Global Domain. You will need to create your Domains to get started.
Add your Credentials Credentials are user name and password pairs needed for accessing external resources like Repositories and Endpoints. It is best to set them up first so they are available when needed.
Add your Repositories Add your Repository before you begin defining your Components as you will need to specify a Repository for your finding your Component. Ortelius needs to know where to pull files and containers.
Define your Environment and Endpoints Next, identify your deployment landscape before you execute a deployment. You will deploy to an Environment which is a collection of Endpoints.
Publish your Components Publish your collection of Components before you create your Application.
Package Your Application Create an Application Base line to track, version and map your Components overtime.

Once this basic setup is complete, integrate Ortelius into your CI/CD process to automatically track, version and deploy your Application and Components.

If you want to customize how Ortelius manages deployments - you will do this using Actions, Functions & Procedures.

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