Deployment Log APIs

Retrieve a deployment log.

Retrieve deployment log. This call returns a JSON object representing the specified deployment log.

REST Api Endpoint

GET /dmadminweb/API/log/{lognumber}


Name Located in Description Required Schema
lognumber path Is the deployment ID being retrieved. Note if the deployment log relates to an Application outside of your Domain access or to an Application to which you do not have read access, then you will receive an error. Yes integer

Deployment Log Result

Name Type Description Required
success boolean Is true or false depending on the success or failure of the query. If success is false, then result is not returned and a text field named “error” is returned instead. No
result log The Deployment Log. No

Deployment Log

Name Type Description Required
application string The name of the Application that was deployed. No
complete boolean A Boolean indicating if the deployment is complete (true) or still in progress (false). No
environment string The Environment to which the Application was deployed. No
exitcode integer The exit code of the deployment. No
exitstatus string The error text if the deployment failed. No
started integer The start date/time of the deployment (in Epoch time). No
finished integer The end date/time of the deployment (in Epoch time). No
id integer The deployment ID. No
loglinecount integer The number of lines in the “logoutput” array. No
logoutput [ string ] The log output. No

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